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Serving the South Shore area

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Scrumptious  Appetizers

Choose from a large selection of appetizers before the main course. Lime Leaf offers a wide variety of appetizers, soups, salads, and sides for everyone. Stop by to dine-in or give us a call for carry-out!

Ask us about our frequent dinner card when you order carry-out or dine-in.


"The menu is so extensive it is in a small binder. The soups are outstanding. Love the hot tea with unlimited refills. Have tried several dishes on the menu and would order each one again. It is a small restaurant so can be a wait at times.

Wait staff is friendly."

- Jeff M.




Choice of grilled chicken or beef on bamboo sticks, served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.

Enjoy delicious appetizers to start out your meal!

Choose from a selection of soups for a lighter fare.

Extra side items are available to order!

Fresh ingredients

We prepare all our items out of fresh ingredients. Your satisfaction is our top-priority. We don't compromise on the quality of our services.

Satay Skewers


Soft spring rolls filled with shrimp, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, rice vermicelli, and basil leaves, served with peanut sauce.

Fresh Rolls


Marinated chicken wings, served with chili garlic sauce.

Thai Wings


Marinated chicken wings, glazed with spicy chili sauce.

Spicy Wings


Choice of fried or steamed rice flour cakes filled with chives, served with sweet chili soy sauce.

Chive Dumplings


Choice of fried or steamed shrimp dumplings, served with ginger sauce.



Choice of fried or steamed pork dumplings, served with ginger sauce (Available vegetarian).





Shrimp and Vegetables

Soft Shell Crab

and Vegetables





Served with sweet and sour sauce.


Spring Rolls

Crispy chicken spring rolls, served with sweet and sour sauce (Available vegetarian).


Crab Rangoon

Crispy wonton filled with cream cheese, crabmeat, and vegetables, served with pineapple sauce.


Toms Ribs

Marinated and grilled tender pork ribs, glazed with honey soy sauce.


Fried Calamari

Crispy calamari rings, served with sweet chili garlic sauce.


Scallion Pancake  

Served with ginger sauce.



Steamed in Thai herbs, served with spicy chili lime sauce.


Cozy Shrimp

Marinated whole shrimp spring rolls, served with sweet and sour sauce.





Tofu Triangles

Crispy bite-sized tofu, served with sweet and sour sauce and ground peanuts.



Steamed soy bean, sprinkled with salt.


Tod Mun

Minced shrimp and chicken patties seasoned with Thai spices, green bean, shredded lime leaves, served with sweet and sour cucumber sauce and ground peanuts.


Lime Leaf Triangles

Minced chicken and shrimp in triangle-shape crispy wrappers, served with sweet and sour cucumber sauce.


Crispy Watercress

Watercress tempura, served with spicy minced chicken lime sauce.


Grilled Meatballs

Grilled pork meatball, glazed with spicy sweet chili sauce






Golden Bags    


Ground chicken, water chestnut, corn, peas, onions, carrots, scallions and cilantro in crispy wrapper bags served with sweet and sour sauce.



Chicken satay, beef satay, chicken wings, spring rolls, ribs, crab rangoons, cozy shrimp, Lime Leaf Triangles, and steamed ravioli.

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*We can alter the spicy level.